Wellington West Quest
Join us for this fun, free, family-friendly event. Rain or shine, we’ll get started at the Great Canadian Theatre Company, 1227 Wellington Street at 9:30 a.m., Saturday, June 25. Remember to wear comfy shoes!

How to Play the Game

How does the scavenger hunt work? What are we looking for?

On this scavenger hunt, you are not collecting objects, but searching for answers to tricky and creative questions about places you visit and sights you see in your very own neighbourhood! You may think that you know it, you live it and you certainly love it, but how well do you REALLY know Wellington West??? During the Wellington West Quest, you and your family will discover some pretty neat things and fascinating facts about an area you call home. No previous research is required – all answers will be readily available along the route.

•   At 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 25, the Wellington West Quest will officially get started in the lobby of the Great Canadian Theatre Company located at 1227 Wellington Street.
No pre-registration is required – just show up and be ready to have fun! Please bring a pen, or something to write with, and a camera if you’d like.

•   Each participant (or family or team) receives a set of clues and questions and a map.

•  You have a limited amount of time – approximately 90 minutes – to answer as many questions as you can.

  1.     The route should take approximately 90 minutes to complete, but this really depends on you. There are scheduled stops at several parks along the route for the little ones, where you’ll find answers to questions, take some time to play, maybe grab a snack, and then get back on your way!

•  Answers will be located along the route – keep your eyes open for clues, objects and signs on buildings, in parks, etc. Plus, look for yellow flyers with the Wellington West Quest logo as they will hold many of the answers you’ll need to find!  Answers pertaining to businesses will be posted in windows or doors – no need to enter a place of business. Some answers will require a little creativity and imagination, so get your thinking caps on!

•  When you’ve completed the questionnaire, bring your answers back to the Great Canadian Theatre Company and fill out a ballot for your chance to win prizes graciously donated by local businesses.

Is it free?

Yes! Participation is free. Donations of non-perishable food items will be accepted in support of the Ottawa FoodBank’s Spring Food Drive. Donation boxes will be located in the lobby of the Great Canadian Theatre Company at 1227 Wellington Street.

Do I need to pre-register?

No. Just show up at the kick-off – we’d love to see you!

Do I need a team to participate?

No. You can participate as an individual, a family or as a team -- it’s really up to you! Of course, we’d like to see as many people as possible out, so spread the word and start a friendly rivalry with your neighbours, then celebrate the completion of the hunt over a BBQ in your backyard!

Can families participate with small children?

Of course! The Wellington West Quest is a family-friendly event. The event was created by a mother of two small children for her eldest daughter’s friends and their parents. The route is designed especially for families with children and even those with pets. Walk, stroll or even ride a bike (weather permitting, of course!). The route is designed to be somewhat straightforward running East to West, and West to East, to help keep little feet on track.  There are stops in parks too so little ones can play, rest, grab a snack and keep their interest up. Of course, all are welcome to participate!

Are there prizes?
Yes! Each participant may fill out a ballot to win a sur-prize donated by local businesses.

Is this a race?

The Wellington West Quest is not designed to be a race, and we do not encourage people to run. (We do, however, encourage you to use cross walks and obey traffic signals at al times). The hunt is designed to be more a test of your imagination while providing an entertaining way to learn more about your neighbourhood through the eyes and the stories of the people who live, work and play here. We’ll start at 9:30 and we aim to finish at 11 a.m..  We’ll start drawing for prizes just after 11 a.m.

Where is the kick-off or starting point?

Yes. The Wellington West Quest will officially kick-off in the lobby of the Great Canadian Theatre Company located at 1227 Wellington Street. Questions and clues will be provided at 9:30 a.m.  There will be a five-minute pre-amble to explain how the hunt works, and then off you go, out into the great, big blue yonder to find answers.

What is the search area?

The hunt encompasses places, parks and areas of interest throughout Wellington West: including Hintonburg, Parkdale Market and Wellington Village.

Is it wheelchair accessible?

Yes. The Wellington West Quest is almost all outdoors. It will follow pathways, streets and sidewalks that friends, neighbours and residents take every day. Please note, there are several stops in parks. There are limited indoor stops along the route, and those spots are wheelchair accessible.